Greater Manchester based insulation firms needed for new sales opportunities via Green Economy

Sep 27, 2022 | Retrofitting

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Green Economy has today launched a campaign urging insulation firms to take advantage of a wealth of new sales opportunities.

Green Economy, a membership organisation for providers and installers of green technologies and services, has unprecedented demand for insulation projects as businesses and consumers rush to find solutions to rising energy prices.

Amy House, Director of Green Economy said: “As autumn bites and energy prices are on the rise, consumers and businesses are desperate to make savings on their energy bills this winter.

“We work with energy providers, housing associations, construction firms and green technology installers, all of whom have projects requiring insulation partners. Insulators looking for new business opportunities should get in touch with Green Economy to ensure they can leverage these opportunities.”

Properly insulated buildings are the gateway to unlocking other low carbon technologies. Government plans for green retrofitting, including the installation of 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028, a £450 million boiler upgrade scheme and a push for businesses and households to uptake renewables, have their limitations. Insulation grants, like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant, are only available to those in receipt of specific benefits and living in a property with an EPC rating of E, F or G, if living in a Housing Association, or EPC rating A, B, C, D or E if living in a rented property.

Mark Light from Steve Duckworth Electrical, a member of Green Economy, said: “We install heat pumps along with other renewable energy solutions and we’ve never seen such demand for our service. However, we advise customers that they’ll only see the full benefit of their investment if they’re able to adequately insulate their building first. We’re working with Green Economy to develop a pipeline of insulation partners that we can recommend for projects.” 

If you install, distribute or supply insulation products and services, join Green Economy to promote your business and receive exclusive sales opportunities. Visit for more detail.

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