Stockport ranked as UK Location with Greatest Investment Opportunity for EV Charging Infrastructure

Jun 20, 2024 | Uncategorized

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Global real estate advisor, CBRE, has published its ranking of the top ten UK locations which provide the greatest investment opportunity in EV charging infrastructure, with Stockport Greater Manchester coming out on top.

CBRE estimates that EV charging will generate £10-12 billion of consumer spend and around £1 billion in rent across the UK in 2035, based on current trends.

CBRE’s study – based on predicted changes in demographics, local economic activity, vehicle ownership and EV uptake trends – has revealed ten locations across the UK with the greatest opportunity for good investment returns in EV charging infrastructure.

Investment to meet this potential demand will need to come from across the economy, with contributions from businesses and local government alike. Property investors, owners, occupiers, as well as public institutions such as local authorities and NHS trusts, who install charging points all stand to benefit according to CBRE’s study, enjoying returns either from operating the charging points or leasing the space to third party operators.

All locations represent highly populated areas with large contributions to GDP and a significant uptake in growth of electric vehicles.

The locations in order of ranking are:

  1. Stockport
  2. Swindon
  3. Leeds
  4. Milton Keynes
  5. Windsor and Maidenhead
  6. Slough
  7. South Gloucestershire
  8. Wiltshire
  9. Peterborough
  10. Renfrewshire

All 10 locations have the capacity to lead the EV transition in the UK. With government legislation mandating that all new cars must be emission-free from 2035, CBRE’s analysis indicates that the UK will require at least 190,000 charging points to efficiently fuel the EV transition.

The Stockport area tops CBRE’s ranking primarily due to the rapid growth in EV uptake over the five years to Q4 2023. The total number of EVs (including plug-in hybrid electric) registered in the area reached 127,904 by the end of Q4 2023, the highest of any local authority area.

The growth of EVs to date has been driven by large increases in company owned electric vehicles, suggesting these areas are currently hotspots of vehicle fleets. In these areas we expect private ownership to continue growing in the future.

Aitor Luengo, Roadside & Automotive at CBRE UK says “With an increasingly narrow window to meet the UK’s net zero goals, EV charging points must now be viewed as critical infrastructure in the same way as any other utility. Both businesses and the public expect ‘park and plug’ solutions at virtually every location from supermarkets to places of work. While significant investment is urgently needed, investors acting now will benefit from opportunities with great returns in both income and capital values.”

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