Panel Event with Green Economy – A Spotlight on the Circular Economy

May 15, 2024 | Green Innovation, Green Skills/Jobs

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Amongst the business community in Greater Manchester, there are some excellent examples of innovative businesses looking to improve their operations to achieve efficiencies, whilst identifying growth opportunities. In collaboration with NatWest, Green Economy will bring together a group of trailblazing SMEs to share their experiences.

his is an informative panel discussion presented by NatWest, in partnership with Green Economy. You will hear from three businesses who have spotted an opportunity and put in place a closed loop or circular economy system:

–         UBU Environmental UBU Environmental operate a fleet of over 120 road sweepers in the North West and currently seek to divert 85% of treated waste from landfill. UBU has applied for End Of waste approval after undertaking a KTP with the support of MMU. Dr Dan Niepsch is the academic associate leading this work and he joins the panel today.

–         MDF Recovery has developed an innovative and effective process to recover fibre from waste MDF to create a novel, low energy and reliable source of feedstock for MDF manufacturers and other high-value applications including thermal insulation. Dr Rob Elias, Head of Business Development will be representing MDF Recovery Ltd as part of the panel to explore MDF Recovery’s journey and plans for growth.

–         Noboxx offers reusable packaging and sustainable logistics services for online brands and SMEs, significantly reducing CO2 emissions with every package. The platform tracks each package but also provides the logistical infrastructure for shipping, empowering consumers to choose environmentally friendly shipping routes. Zak Rashid, founder & CEO will join the panel.

The event will also give you a chance to hear about the funded support available from Green Economy and the GM Business Growth Hub, to support help SMEs review their own operations and decarbonize.

Details of the event –

Date: 6th June 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 11:45 AM

Location: NatWest Group, Spinningfields Square, 1, Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3AP

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