New video outlines Greater Manchester’s Local Energy Market plans

Aug 11, 2021 | Smart Energy

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A new video animation has been released by Greater Manchester Combined Authority to outline its plans for a net zero carbon Local Energy Market.

A Local Energy Market would encourage the adoption of net zero carbon energy consumption by enabling green energy trading between stakeholders including local authorities, utilities, businesses and communities.

Greater Manchester’s current infrastructure was built to deliver gas and electricity from fossil fuels. A Local Energy Market could enable a future of clean energy by supporting the production, consumption and distribution of energy from renewable sources including solar energy and wind turbines, and low carbon heating.

Greater Manchester currently contributes around 2.1 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year but the Local Energy Market would support the region in achieving an ambitious target of achieving net carbon neutrality by 2038.


What is a Local Energy Market?

A Local Energy Market is a grid of homes, businesses and low carbon and renewable energy generation which will allow Greater Manchester to reduce its Co2 emissions by providing a more flexible network that connects homes and businesses.

Consumers will have the power to better manage their energy consumption and carbon footprint, with a new digital platform allowing them to both buy and sell energy within the Local Energy Market.

In future, energy will increasingly be generated from people’s own homes and business premises through solar panels and other renewable energy sources, while consumption models will shift to new technologies including low carbon heating. Efficient batteries that can store energy for longer and make better use of renewable energy sources are expected to become more commonplace.

To find out more about the Local Energy Market, and to follow the progress of its plans through to delivery, visit the GMCA website.

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