New orchard planted in Stockport to support biodiversity

Feb 28, 2023 | Natural Environment

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Stockport Council has planted a new orchard at Marbury Road Playing Fields in Heaton Chapel.

A total of 75 new fruit trees have been planted on the site. These trees will not only be an asset for the area but will help Stockport Council to deliver its Climate Action Now policy.

The trees will help promote greater biodiversity in the area and will also be a source of fruit for the local community come harvest time.

The event was widely supported, with Cllr Mark Roberts (Cabinet Member for Climate Change and the Environment), Cllr Liz Crix, Cllr John Taylor and Cllr Dena Ryness all in attendance and taking the opportunity to carry out some tree planting.

Staff from the Council’s Neighbourhoods Service and volunteers from the Friends of Marbury Road Playing Fields group were also in attendance and the tree planting was given a big boost by the attendance of staff from Colas UK, who assisted as part of that company’s work delivering social value.

Cllr Mark Roberts said “It is really heartening to see so many people giving their time to support this project and helping create a new orchard at Marbury Road Playing Fields.

“Planting more trees and creating new orchards is an important factor in the Council’s strategy to help combat climate change and improve the biodiversity of the borough.”

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