21 community projects announced as winners of Greater Manchester’s Green Spaces Fund

Oct 18, 2022 | Natural Environment

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The winners of the first round of Greater Manchester’s Green Spaces Fund were announced by Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham at the Greater Manchester Green Summit on Monday 17 October.

Almost £400,000 has been awarded across 21 community schemes throughout Greater Manchester all of which will improve or create local green spaces to be enjoyed by residents.

Each of the ten Greater Manchester boroughs will benefit from funding for at least one successful project increasing the amount and quality of nature-rich green space within the local area.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said“I’m so pleased at the wide range of schemes we’ve been able to support through the first round of the Green Spaces Fund. It’s also great to see every Greater Manchester borough benefit in some way.

“Everyone should have access to some kind of green space, whether it’s a place to grow fresh food, plant trees, meet new people, learn new skills or simply enjoy being close to nature. I’m really proud to see local people taking ownership of such fantastic projects that add value to their community and the environment and that’s what the Green Spaces Fund is all about.

“We’ll soon launch the second round of funding and I encourage anyone who wants to develop or improve a green space in their community to apply.” 

To find out what projects are going on in your local area the winners, separated by borough, are:


Together Kitchen Garden

To create an empowering Allotment and Green Space where children can take part in Ecotherapy whilst exploring and supporting their natural environment. The produce harvested by them will be placed in a pantry where families can come to collect a free fresh food parcel every week.



Community Garden

This project aims to increase the health and well-being of the community that will benefit from outdoor space, especially for those who have no access to green space in their own homes.



Burnside’s Community Garden

This project will convert the side of our building from its derelict state to a thriving and accessible green space. It will install planters and wall hangings to grow flowers, herbs and food to attract wildlife, and use food/herbs grown to support a food pantry service.



Green Recovery Project

Utilising the learning from our existing Nature For Health project this project would scale up delivery using a preventative framework to provide services that support young people and families and members of the community with severe and enduring mental health diagnoses to overcome access barriers to blue and green spaces.



Houses to Habitats

Bolton NEWT will enhance the biodiversity of Leverhulme Park through 24 conservation volunteer sessions, 100 sessions at the Garstang Hub, 10 well-being walks, provide educational videos, photography, 2 guided bat walks and 2 large community events engaging the local community, which sits in the top 10% deprivation of the UK.



The Sensory Garden Project

The Sensory Garden Project will work with 30 neurodivergent young people aged 13-25 to develop an accessible, inclusive green space at the Sharon Youth Centre. The garden will be co-designed by the community, including an edibles area and tactile mural, and will culminate in a community celebration in July 2023.



LEAP Community Wellbeing Garden

This group’s vision is to create an accessible community Wellbeing Garden to encourage local children and adults to connect with nature and improve individual, environmental and community well-being.


Ordsall Park Green Fingers Project

This project plans to diversify Ordsall Park, creating habitats for wildlife and providing volunteering opportunities. The project will see the creation of wildflower meadows, an accessible tree trail, bird and bat boxes and a mini orchard around the existing bowling green complete with sensory plants, water butt and composting area.


East Manchester

Beswick Urban Growers (BUG)

The BUG (Beswick Urban Growers) will create a safe, green community space for families and residents from the Beswick area to enjoy that will help support their health and wellbeing through access to nature, engaging with growing and social activities, and developing a sense of community ownership and belonging.



Walkden Road – Water Smart Street Tree Scheme

The community plans to green Walkden Road by introducing a Sustainable Drainage System of street trees with integrated rain gardens. This is a key route for those travelling to Walkden town centre, Walkden train station and the RHS Bridgewater.



Bluebell Green Climate and Community Action

To further enhance the biodiversity, educational and community-focused features of the site, this group will run interlinked projects to use the development of the site as an opportunity to engage more people with rewilding and climate action goals, through proactive outreach, partnerships and creating skills needed for projects at home.



Leigh Community Garden

The community garden will create a green space in a deprived area of Leigh where locals accessing nearby support services including the homeless Shelter and, addiction support can come to reflect, relax and learn new skills including planting and maintaining a garden filled with plants and vegetables all year round.



Merseyway Community Garden

This group will create a new and exciting, community-driven garden, as an extension of its current workshop and activities. It will transform our south-facing terrace, bringing some much-needed greenery whilst creating an inspiring engagement space for safe, outdoor workshops and events.


Greater Manchester-wide

Khore Garden (Meaning earthen bowl – planting and weaving garden)

Our Khore Garden will provide a much-needed green space for Afghan Refugees currently living at MCR Airport. A space where they can grow learn and play together. Helping to unlock divides, the project will evolve and relocate with its community, meaning it could reach many deprived communities across GM.



Working with Nature to Create a Quality Green Space for People In Bury

Recently, service users and volunteers have begun work on a Centre Garden, clearing debris and removing dead plants. This project will enable them to work with nature to turn this garden into a quality green space supporting biodiversity and permaculture.


Bury Veterans Hub Garden

To provide a quiet space for people to relax and help with basic gardening duties whilst meeting new and existing members of the Charity.



Bugs n Beats

This group intends to repurpose three areas of a local park with native species, woodland bulbs and wildflower planting. The focus of the project is to improve and enhance these areas through volunteer engagement and recruitment of diverse groups to drive the project and remain involved in the future.



Footprints to Change-Ardwick’s green stepping stones

Establishing connected green spaces between the city centre and the University, creating new and improved habits for nature and people. By engaging residents and local groups in a series of events which also highlight wider environmental concerns and raise Climate Crisis awareness.



Mindfulness Corner

To arrange for a green space that provides a comfortable location for the community to reflect and practice mindfulness so as to improve mental well-being. It also aims to encourage elderly members to experience the outdoors, socialise, and maintain their physical and mental well-being in a safe and familiar setting.

South Manchester

Tropic of South Manchester

Reinstate the inaccessible area of the horticultural centre in Wythenshawe Park. Over lockdown, the horticultural centre fell into significant disrepair as nature reclaimed and destroyed the public access. We propose to ensure access for public enjoyment and education, share greener ways to live and create positive discourse about climate change.



Revitalising Reddish Vale: the community together for wildlife

This project will develop the long-term sustainability of Reddish Vale Nature Reserve by increasing the number of volunteers, developing their skills and providing tools and equipment. We will work with Brinnington Big Local to encourage the local community to access and enjoy all the reserve has to offer.


The second round of funding for the Green Spaces Fund opens on 31 October. There are two types of grants available: grants up to £10,000 and grants between £10,000 and £40,000.

For more information and to apply when applications re-open visit the Greater Manchester Environmental Fund website

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