Future Relics Manchester


Future Relics Manchester is a documentary commissioned by Marketing Manchester, produced by Finest Media, and delivered with partners including Manchester Museum, Siemens, and Cadent.

The film explores how Greater Manchester can solve some of the challenges presented by climate change and reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, focusing on the people and green innovations that are already working to help the city-region meet its carbon-neutral ambitions and place Greater Manchester at the forefront of the Green Revolution.

The film explores the concept of ‘future relics’ – items that we rely on today, that may not be available in the future. By looking at items, such as the sale of peat due to be banned by 2025, and the sale of petrol and diesel cars due to end by 2030, the film presents viable alternatives such as sustainable growing sensors, hydrogen powered cars, and other innovations that are being tested and trialed in Greater Manchester.